Friday, February 8, 2013

Harris' Happenings... Like a Boss

Life has been going a mile a minute these last few months but what's new?! 

So many high notes (plus a few low notes) in the Harris household and I’ve finally found a second to stop, take in the amazing miracles happening all around us, and give a little update! God has been beyond evident in our lives. I'm just so grateful, I really can’t find the words to express it!

So let’s rewind back to November… I was offered a job as an executive assistant at an office close to home. Everything seemed perfect- no commute, close to Jon, steady hours, great pay and benefits… it all looked good on paper. 
I worked there for about three weeks until I decided to come to grips with the fact- this job was NOT me. No creativity, no spontaneity, no leadership roles to work my way into, and a boss with anger issues- that's just the beginning. Jon saw it affecting my heart before I did and he begged me to quit- it wasn’t worth being miserable. 

Initially, this sounded plain irresponsible and I knew I would be consumed with guilt if I pushed away the seemingly golden opportunity. The days dragged on, each one worse than the next. I prayed for a way out.

Then- out of the blue- a position opened in the corporate warehouse for the clothing line I had originally worked for upon first moving to California. My old boss had emailed me asking if I had any recommendations on whom to ask to fill this position. Knowing I had only been at my new job for a short while, I don’t think he expected I’d jump at the new opportunity as quick as I did.

Before the week was out, I was accepting a brand new role, nice new coworkers, and a not-so-bad salary. 

But then there were the not so fun sides to it- a ridiculously long commute, hardly any time together with  my hubby, and EARLY morning wakeups. 4:30 am baby- that marks the time my alarm went off Monday thru Friday.

It only took a week or two to realize that as much as I LOVED my new job, the downsides were pretty big.
 Then it happened.
 Jon graduated from training early (because he’s a rockstar and totally amazing), but along with that he was moved to night shifts AND weekends. With the way our schedules were working, we would never get more than a couple hours together each week.

The more we looked at the next few months ahead of us, the more we realized risking money was far less important than risking our marriage- we were just missing each other so much. Although we’re not technically allowed to get out of our home lease until June, we decided to do research into getting a second rent much closer to my work. That way I wouldn’t have to wake up so early and could be around when Jon made it home.

We started seriously looking at places two weeks ago. On the way home from a discouraging apartment search, Jon got in a HORRIBLE car wreck!! His car was totaled, but miraculously he came out unharmed!! Thank you Jesus!! We couldn’t have been more grateful with how everything turned out, despite the circumstances.

This past week was intense to say the least. We needed time together, Jon needed a new car, and of course we had so many desires about the way things SHOULD be. Somehow though, despite the crunch we felt, there was a peace. The Lord was taking care of us and had a plan far better than we could imagine.

Being the sweetheart he is, Jon was carless on Wednesday and decided to join me in the drive to work on his day off. Once we arrived, he jumped on the grind- checking out every rental he could find.

Not long after lunch, Jon had a surprise in store- he had found the most perfect little condo for us. Completely in our price range, a really safe area, and 5 minutes from my work! Virtually impossible! My heart wanted to explode with happiness!! It’s official- we move to Costa Mesa February 17th and I no longer have to spend 4 hours in the car every day!! Hallelujah!!

Today another incredible thing happened. Jon’s insurance gave us double what we were hoping for in return for his totaled car. We really didn’t know how we were going to tackle a new car payment given our situation, but once again, God provided and our hope stayed in Him!

Possessions are by no means everything in life, but we were able to watch God work this week and it was so evident- it gives me chills just thinking about it!! I wanted to write because we are in such a place of thankfulness and hope. I never want to forget!

I couldn’t be happier with the future ahead of us! There are huge plans in store and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Orange County, here we come!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snowy Weddings of Wonder: Andy and Katy Say I Do!

It’s been forever since I last wrote.  
When I get into a rhythm of posting, it becomes habit and writing comes very easily. But I find the longer I wait, the more of a mountain it becomes to actually start typing again. 
Once I finally sit and make a post, it’s never as difficult as it seems- it’s just beginning that routine that's hard to start at first! So here’s to the New Year and getting back into posting on the Buttons n' Blossoms blog!

A gorgeous winter wedding will start this year out right! The new Mr. and Mrs. Pointer were wedded during the first snow of the season up at the gorgeous Sunriver Lodge in Central Oregon! Byron Roe Photography blew me away capturing some stunning moments with these two!

The day Andy asked Katy to marry him, she knew exactly where she wanted to say her vows. They waited almost an entire year to say “I do” at the Grand Lodge in Sunriver, Oregon (one of the most romantic and gorgeous venues I have EVER laid eyes on, for realsies).

While planning the magic, Katy kept a handmade paper chain with the amount of links symbolizing the amount of days until her wedding.  As each day went by, another link would be torn off the chain and anticipation would grow.  When I first came to her house, the links stretched across her family room, but as time went on, the links kept tearing away until finally, only one was left. Can you imagine the excitement when the November finally arrived?!

I wanted to share some of my most favorite shots from this very special day, but first, here's a few close ups of the blossoms worn by the bride and her maids...

For the Bride: Polka dot tulle and peony rose petal layers with ivory freshwater pearls in the center.

For the Maids: Handmade petals with layers of deep blue, emerald green, and a pop of yellow. Rhinestone gems sit in the center of each flower and a larger gem sits on one blossom for the Maid of Honor. Lace edging tied into Katy's theme splendidly.

And now for the really amazing memories caught on camera by Wendy and Byron Roe...

This pop of color is a perfect add-on to the bridesmaid ensemble!

That's one pretty wedding party!! I just love the colors Katy chose!

The first look... priceless!

Stealing kisses!

Did I not say this is the most incredible venue ever!? 

 Your wedding was picture perfect!! 
Thank you for letting me be apart the details Mr. & Mrs. Pointer and have the happiest new year as newlyweds!! :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Burlap Blossoms and Scrumptious Cake!

Could these cakes be anymore delectable?! 

I had the amazing time of pairing up with Monet Moutrie from Cake Stand to help with burlap blossom adornments on her adorable wedding cakes and I couldn't be happier to be apart!! 

The cut logs are ideal cake stands for this rustic wedding!! *swoon*

Oh my word, my mouth is watering just looking at it all, check out these flavors....

Chocolate Cake with Mocha Filling
Gluten Free Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache

People, this flavor is "Snicker doodle." Heck yea!
How does she come up with these awesome ideas?!
Carrot Cake, YUM!!

Her foodie blog is INCREDIBLE and definitely a favorite of mine, become a follower and learn some great recipes here.

AND more of her scrumptious beautiful cakes can be found on the Cake Stand Site. This girl does it all and she's pursuing her Master's degree Creative Writing at the same time!

Monet adding some finishing touches to her masterpiece....

 A beautiful and delectable Pairing for a very woodsy wedding!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Time for a Little Life Update!!

I guess it’s about time to do a review on the last few weeks. There have been a lot of weddings on here, but in the meantime life has been crazy exciting over here and it’s been time to fill you in for awhile now!!

First off, my brother and sister-in-law, Jeff and Jenna, just returned to the US from Africa two days ago! They have been in Tanzania for a whole year and we are so happy to have them home!! I can’t wait to see them at Christmas!! Where will they be living?! Who Knows!! There life could go anywhere at this point and I find the unknown thrilling!!

 (Personally, I hope they move to LA, but I don’t think that one is in the cards)!

Second, have I told you where I’ve been working lately?! I’m the new buyer and manager over at this super cute boutique in the Hyatt Hotel on Huntington Beach. It’s called Toes on the Nose! Perks?? Free clothes, biking on the beach, and hiring my sister who goes to school so close!! Beach bike rides and dinner with Katie happen on a weekly basis and I love it!!

Our biggest news lately…. JON GRADUATED FROM THE LOS ANGELES SHERIFF’S ACADEMY!!! He worked ridiculously hard and I couldn’t be happier to have a husband in uniform! I can already feel the difference in our schedule without the constant shoe shining, dry cleaning, and studying each night! He’s going to be so amazing at what he does, watch out bad guys!!!


My parents came to celebrate his graduation last week and while they were here, we celebrated Katie’s Birthday by going ot the shooting range! Hilarious, because my parents had never shot a bullet in their lives. Shooting is a lot like bowling, aim for the target…
Notice the lack of bullet holes in our targets!
I would compare it to my average bowling score, bad!


Hiking and Eureka Burger weren’t bad either!!

So that about sums up a super short version of what the heck has been going on down here!

Missing the snow in Bend, but can't complain about 70 degree days at the end of October!

Love you all!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Andrew + Amanda Lawrence: A Radiant Wedding!!

When Amanda and Andrew first got engaged, I can’t tell you how excited I was for the two of them!! Amanda, formerly Amanda Wingers, has helped with numerous Buttons n’ Blossoms photo shoots since we began!! You’ve seen how talented this little lady is in all her photography and I was so glad she found such a good guy!! J
I sure have missed this girl since we relocated, but when she called to ask if I would help with wedding blossoms for her July wedding, I was thrilled!! I knew her wedding was going to be ah-mazing!! She is naturally a radiant person, inside and out. I know that sounds like a funny way to describe her, but she it. I knew her wedding would be the same- joyful radiance!
Benjamin Edwards has always had some of my favorite photography EVER. Once again, he didn’t disappoint! I must say, some of my favorite photos I’ve seen this year! Don't miss checking out more on his blog!

Before these two lovebirds made things official, I had to get some work done! First were the bridesmaids. Amanda had four besties and she hoped to have them all in steel blue and off white tones. She loved the idea of lace as well. We used layers of magnolia petals that were streaked with steel grey, cream, and beige. A country chic scalloped lace border framed each piece.

Amanda’s bloom was next. She loved the idea of incorporating a whisper of light blue into her blossom and we wanted to emulate the hydrangea petal cut that was reflected in the bouquets and wedding d├ęcor.
Adding lace to match her dress and pearls in the center, made an excellent addition to her ensemble!

Enough of that, check out some of the prettiest photos of all time!!


Time to celebrate!
The Perfect Day!


God was smiling I think! ;)


One word to describe this couple on their wedding day: BLISS!! They were so happy and I wish for them  many years of that same joy and happiness as they start a new life-long adventure together!
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