Friday, February 8, 2013

Harris' Happenings... Like a Boss

Life has been going a mile a minute these last few months but what's new?! 

So many high notes (plus a few low notes) in the Harris household and I’ve finally found a second to stop, take in the amazing miracles happening all around us, and give a little update! God has been beyond evident in our lives. I'm just so grateful, I really can’t find the words to express it!

So let’s rewind back to November… I was offered a job as an executive assistant at an office close to home. Everything seemed perfect- no commute, close to Jon, steady hours, great pay and benefits… it all looked good on paper. 
I worked there for about three weeks until I decided to come to grips with the fact- this job was NOT me. No creativity, no spontaneity, no leadership roles to work my way into, and a boss with anger issues- that's just the beginning. Jon saw it affecting my heart before I did and he begged me to quit- it wasn’t worth being miserable. 

Initially, this sounded plain irresponsible and I knew I would be consumed with guilt if I pushed away the seemingly golden opportunity. The days dragged on, each one worse than the next. I prayed for a way out.

Then- out of the blue- a position opened in the corporate warehouse for the clothing line I had originally worked for upon first moving to California. My old boss had emailed me asking if I had any recommendations on whom to ask to fill this position. Knowing I had only been at my new job for a short while, I don’t think he expected I’d jump at the new opportunity as quick as I did.

Before the week was out, I was accepting a brand new role, nice new coworkers, and a not-so-bad salary. 

But then there were the not so fun sides to it- a ridiculously long commute, hardly any time together with  my hubby, and EARLY morning wakeups. 4:30 am baby- that marks the time my alarm went off Monday thru Friday.

It only took a week or two to realize that as much as I LOVED my new job, the downsides were pretty big.
 Then it happened.
 Jon graduated from training early (because he’s a rockstar and totally amazing), but along with that he was moved to night shifts AND weekends. With the way our schedules were working, we would never get more than a couple hours together each week.

The more we looked at the next few months ahead of us, the more we realized risking money was far less important than risking our marriage- we were just missing each other so much. Although we’re not technically allowed to get out of our home lease until June, we decided to do research into getting a second rent much closer to my work. That way I wouldn’t have to wake up so early and could be around when Jon made it home.

We started seriously looking at places two weeks ago. On the way home from a discouraging apartment search, Jon got in a HORRIBLE car wreck!! His car was totaled, but miraculously he came out unharmed!! Thank you Jesus!! We couldn’t have been more grateful with how everything turned out, despite the circumstances.

This past week was intense to say the least. We needed time together, Jon needed a new car, and of course we had so many desires about the way things SHOULD be. Somehow though, despite the crunch we felt, there was a peace. The Lord was taking care of us and had a plan far better than we could imagine.

Being the sweetheart he is, Jon was carless on Wednesday and decided to join me in the drive to work on his day off. Once we arrived, he jumped on the grind- checking out every rental he could find.

Not long after lunch, Jon had a surprise in store- he had found the most perfect little condo for us. Completely in our price range, a really safe area, and 5 minutes from my work! Virtually impossible! My heart wanted to explode with happiness!! It’s official- we move to Costa Mesa February 17th and I no longer have to spend 4 hours in the car every day!! Hallelujah!!

Today another incredible thing happened. Jon’s insurance gave us double what we were hoping for in return for his totaled car. We really didn’t know how we were going to tackle a new car payment given our situation, but once again, God provided and our hope stayed in Him!

Possessions are by no means everything in life, but we were able to watch God work this week and it was so evident- it gives me chills just thinking about it!! I wanted to write because we are in such a place of thankfulness and hope. I never want to forget!

I couldn’t be happier with the future ahead of us! There are huge plans in store and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Orange County, here we come!!

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    Sare, this is so exciting, and I was just DE-LIGHTED to read every word of your story.

    So grateful with you, lovebug, from the opposite coast. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.



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